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Evaluation Q3: What kind of media institution might distribu

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Lauren Simpson

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Evaluation Q3: What kind of media institution might distribu

Evaluation Q3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
Media institutions that have made content similar to my film...
In my research, I explored films similar to my own including Panic Room and Taken. Taken was distributed by Fox and Panic Room by Columbia Pictures. Due to this, I analyzed these companies and other films they produced to see if what they tend to distribute would fit with the plot and themes i have created in my own film. These companies are also well known, experienced and have access to a wide audience allowing more chance to attract and appeal to my target audience.
Along with this, sites such as YouTube are a good way to advertise a media product due to its massive platform and therefore the masses of people who watch the uploaded videos. An example of this is the advertisement of 'Devils due' where the producers made a robotic devil baby to roam the streets of New york in order for the distribution to be more well known and attract a larger audience. YouTube is also extremely popular with the younger viewers (teen/young adult) which are a big section of the target audience i specifically want to appeal to.
Fox distributed Taken which includes themes of, loss, power, parenthood. The loss of the daughter (victim) highlighted the protagonists power/strength and the overall determination a parent has when it comes to their children. These themes are recognizable in my film due to the similar concept of a parent trying to find their child and stereotypes are also reinforced through these themes. For example the strength of the male protagonists in both films could be questionably partly due to their masculine gender emphasizing a shared theme of how females lack roles like this. This could be due to the fact that audiences would be less familiar in recognizing a female for these roles. Even though stereotypical themes could portray negative messages, audiences tend to enjoy familiar media and due to Fox distributing a film like Taken, I strongly considered using this institution for a film like 'The girl upstairs'.
However, other thriller films distributed by Fox include, Black Swan and Morgan. These psychological thrillers do not hold as many similarities to my film due to the different sub genre and therefore after research i have concluded that there aren't many other films by Fox that would make me believe they would distribute my film due to it perhaps not following a certain pattern which they like/ tend to go for in a film.
Columbia pictures distribute thrillers such as Panic Room and Trapped. The tension and build up of fear portrayed in Panic Room is similar to that in mine where at first the audience has no idea that there is a girl trapped in the loft however as time goes on we grow increasingly worries for her causing a lot of tension. In Panic Room, the audience also wouldn't suspect anything was wrong with the lives of the mother and daughter due to their expensive life style in the new house however, this ironic plot causes greater tension and fear. Even though the two plots aren't the same, both films share themes of isolation, fear and the sense of being trapped. Isolation and fear stem from just one room in both films (the loft and the panic room) and once again, a parent is striving to be a protagonist and there is a group of male antagonists causing distress. Also the opening titles of how the words blend into the buildings are very interesting as some of the titles in my film are almost inside/blending into objects such as the brick wall and the smashed photo frame.
The film Trapped was also distributed by Columbia Pictures which has a similar plot in the sense a child is kidnapped. There is also a race against time as the child has health problems making the film filled with even more tension. In my film, Annie also has health problems therefore this intriguing plot of the determination seeming to be even more emphasized could be something Columbia Pictures like therefore would distribute.
Overall, due to Columbia Pictures distributing films resembling similar themes to mine, i would chose their company as a media institution to distribute my film.
Columbia pictures are also part of the 'Big 6' therefore there will be more chance of my film getting across to a large audience. Due to the companies fame, they will be under the influence of commercial success where they care more about the money. This means they would want the film to be as successful as possible thus they might use other social media platforms to get the message of the film out there. Examples of sites they may use would be; YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Fox Searchlight
Columbia Pictures
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