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Organizing Tools for PLNs

Annette Ahuna and Nick Alexander

Nicholas Alexander

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Organizing Tools for PLNs

LiveBinders is a free online tool where users can organize their digital life. In a LiveBinder, users can create a visual portfolio containing websites, documents and media. All of the content can be annotated and placed in different tabs for easy sorting. Each LiveBinder can be shared with students, colleagues and administrators, along with the general public. With LiveBinders, users can also collaboratively build a binder for things like presentations, teaming and evaluations.
Use in Education
After learning what a PLN was, we both realized that we each have a PLN of our own. We didn’t realize that this is what it was called. Because of our interests, we naturally look for environments that ignite and fuel these interests. Nick’s PLN includes forums, Facebook groups, Twitter feeds as well as online publications that help him to gain an understanding of new trends and best practices in the audiovisual field. Annette’s PLN includes teacher blogs, a ning called Elementary Technology Teachers, Twitter feeds and Facebook groups that involve elementary education or educational technology. And within both our PLNs, we are both members of the Tech Cadre. The Tech Cadre is a Department of Education mail group where members are involved in technology at the school or department that they work at. Since we are both Technology Coordinators at our schools, we network amongst our peers by sharing resources, posting questions and answers, and even giving away equipment/supplies from time to time.

LiveBinders vs Diigo
Diigo is a social bookmarking tool which allows users to share internet resources with others. In Diigo, users can tag bookmarks, follow other people’s bookmarks, and search popular bookmarks. Within Diigo, users can also perform screen captures and use sticky notes to comment on resources. Diigo is a cross platform software with Android and iOS apps available.
Cost- Free (premium available)
Content Stored- Any
Sharing- Public/Private
Platforms- Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Blog Integration
Cost- Free (premium available)
Content Stored- Bookmarks, Screenshots
Sharing- Public/Private
Platforms- Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Blog Integration
Having a PLN is very important for educators. PLNs allow them to connect with others in the fields that they are intrinsically interested in. Within PLNs, they learn, share lessons and ideas, and keep up with current trends and best practices in education or the area of interest. Instead of “one size fits all” professional development (PD) classes, educators can choose the environments they want to learn from and include these places in their PLNs. Because they choose, they engage themselves in the areas they are passionate about. Having a choice makes educators want to learn and continue their learning thus developing themselves as professionals.
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