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On Balance Orientation

No description

Faith Gannaway

on 21 December 2016

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Transcript of On Balance Orientation

On Balance Mentorship Program Orientation

153 Washington Street, Amelia Va, 23002

Training Pointers for Mentee
There are certain pointers you should cover with your mentee so as to help in providing foundational structure toward their future.
What if we do nothing?
Idea 1
Idea 2
Training Pointers
Describe the desired state
Describe the idea you think is best
Communication Skills
Whether they are searching for a new job opportunity or learning how to communicate with those within their community, communication should include:
-Strong Eye Contact
-Firm Hand shake (whether male or female)
Cultural Awareness
Provide cultural competence both locally as well as internationally. This can be done by:
-Different exibts offered around the surrounding area
-Suggestion of books
Crisis Management
Key Factors when it comes to reporting crisis:
Mandated reporting (Abuse both physical, emotional and verbal, malnutrition, depression.) Etc. What are certain signs that indicate this is occuring with the home?
Dealing with Adolesecent Behaviors

Prevention trainings will occur once a month where which mentors will learn how to properly deal with high-risk behaviors and/or situations such as: such as substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive behavior, sexual offending, obesity, and depression.

Identify the problem
Explain what success will bring
Get your audience excited
Show how things would improve
How problems can be resolved
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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