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Jonathan Carter

No description

Maddi Bartula

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Jonathan Carter

Jonathan Carter
Age: 40
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Moderate Christian
Political Affiliation: Moderate Democrat
Place of Birth: Oregon
Marital Status: Married (16 years)
Qualifications: Masters degree in Political Science from Yale, degree from Airforce Academy
In order to boost the economy, Carter aims to keep taxes high. The income from these taxes will sponsor projects to build and improve public services such as schools, roads, and parks. These projects will also create jobs, lowering unemployment.
Social Issues
As President, Carter will leave social issues such as same sex marriage, abortion, and gun control up to the states. He knows that forcing all states to comply with the same laws will cause conflict. However, he believes in same sex marriage, access to abortion, and stricter gun control.
Health Care
Carter supports making affordable health care available to everyone. He aims to solve the problems associated with "Obamacare" and give it a more positive connotation. He is not attempting to give the government more power. He simply wants Americans to have access to health care and benefits, even when they cannot afford it. However, he does not want to increase the deficit, so he will be extremely cautious with its budget.
Carter has 8 states where he is fighting hardest:
Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Illinois.
In conservative areas, he uses his religion as a way to appeal and relate to voters. He also discusses his goals to create more jobs and lower unemployment. In addition, he identifies the issues with "Obamacare" and how he plans to resolve them.
In liberal areas, he motivates voters with his plans to improve roads and public services, and relates to them with his views on social issues. Carter also aims to improve schools, pumping tax money into the education system.
Stump Speech
Jonathan Carter
Presidential Candidate 2014
Montana (3)
North Dakota (3)
Colorado (9)
Illinois (20)
Florida (29)
North Carolina (15)
Virginia (13)
Maine (4)
Florida is a major swing state with a large number of electoral votes, making it a crucial battleground state. In order to win Florida, Carter will connect with the voters through social issues. Florida is in the midst of a youth homeless crisis which Carter aims to solve. However, to gain votes he will discuss his plans to improve healthcare, as well as Social Security. In addition, he will elaborate on his plans to keep lowering unemployment by creating jobs.
Maine, which is often considered independent, usually votes democratic in presidential elections. Carter will vow to protect farmers and agriculture, as well as sponsor programs to help the homeless. Carter's emphasis on public services will help him gain votes.
Colorado takes a liberal stand on most social issues. Due to increased income from marijuana taxes, the state government has a surplus of money which can be used to sponsor infrastructure programs. Colorado also has a moderately high unemployment rate, as well as a high homelessness rate. Carter will advocate for government spending to go to social programs such as housing for the homeless.
Montana is considered a Republican state. They do not support "Obamacare", therefore Carter will appeal to them by wanting to alter and improve it. In addition, he will explain his plans to create jobs, due to Montana's 4.7% unemployment. However, because Montana only has 3 electoral votes, it is not a top priority.
Illinois has a large population, as well as massive metropolitan areas. In these areas, there are high rates of unemployment and homelessness. In addition, their infrastructure programs are in need of improvement. Recent crises involving dams and drinking water will motivate voters. The state usually votes Democratic and is very liberal in terms of social issues. Through campaigning, it should be easy to win Illinois' electoral votes.
North Carolina is significantly influential in the electoral college. In addition, it has a 15% unemployment rate. Carter's main campaigning strategy will be through the necessity of money to be spent on infrastructure. In doing this, he can explain how this will create more jobs and overall boost the economy.
North Dakota usually votes Republican in presidential elections, however may be swayed by Carter's views on health care. Due to the fact that it only holds 3 electoral votes, North Dakota is not a priority.
Virginia is a major battleground state in this election. It often votes liberal and conservative. However, they usually are conservative in terms of social issues. Carter will emphasize how he plans to leave those decisions up to the states. He will campaign using his plans for the economy.
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