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Feasibility of hydrogen cars

No description

Tobi Lenz

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Feasibility of hydrogen cars

Feasibility of hydrogen cars Fuel Cell technology Advantages / opportunities of hydrogen cars Weakness / potential porblems of hydrogen cars EFFICIENT:
tank-to-wheel efficiency up to 50 % efficiency
substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
hydrogen: no emissons
gas: emissons will be reduced by 50%
high cruising range
high tourque at every speed
low vibrations
long service intervals STORAGE / DELIVERY:
difficult to store a large amount in small place
must be handled carefully
fuel infrastructure is not given, yet
high losses of energy
high demand of electricity
fuel cell cars costs twice as much a a gosline car
around 12€ for 100km (right now)
limited lifetime of 5 years Weakness / potential probems Advantages / opportunities Fuel Cell Technology Conclusion hydrogen, most plentiful gas in the universe = inexhaustible
Byproducts are environmentally friendly
clean and easily mobility
research is not finished
alternative to electric cars

produce, storage and delivery of hydrogen
today: not economically and environmentally harmful

Fuel cell idea very well, but without more inevntions hydrogen is not economically
Conclusion Thanks for your attention! www.fuelcells.org
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