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Berlin Conference

No description

caroline buelt

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Berlin Conference

By: Caroline Buelt The Berlin Conference What is the Berlin Conference and where was it held? Berlin Conference Video To avoid bloodshed, European powers met at an international conference in 1884.

It took place not in Africa but in Berlin, Germany.

No Africans were invited to the conference. What discussions took place at the Berlin Conference? At the Berlin Conference, European powers recognized Leopold's private claims to the Congo Free State, but called for free trade on the Congo and Niger Rivers.

They came to an agreement that European powers could not claim a territory unless it set up a government office there. What events resulted from the Berlin Conference? The agreement that European powers could not claim territory without government office resulted in Europeans sending officials to exert their power over rulers.

The Berlin conference also led to the rush of colonization in Africa. What changes did Europeans make to the set up of Africa? As Europeans conquered settlements of Africa, Europeans established borders and frontiers.

Europeans redrew the map of Africa with little regard to traditional settlements.

20 years after people engaged at the Berlin Conference, Europeans powers partitioned almost the entire continent. Legacy The Berlin Conference was very important in history because it gave Europeans the power to invade and conquer African settlements with little to no restrictions.

It also created a "Scramble for African" once it allowed Europeans to invade Africa.
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