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This is a titorial on how to use prezi

jordan luciw

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezi

Double click anywhere & add an idea Why Prezi? this app is like powerpoint
accept 10x better. it is great for buissnies presentaions
and public speaking. REGISTERING click the sign up button if you are a first time use
i suggest using the one
month FREE trial. then type in the following
criteria. the load file tool shape tool this tool lets you load pictures
and any other media you
might need for your presentation. shape tool lets you draw arrows
to be more precise and lets u draw
skinny lines a wide lines for any
other perpose. FRAME frame tool lets you draw
, , , any of these tools lets you
highlight your text and pinpoint
the important things PATH the add tool lets you conect
things with numbers putting
them in a step by step sequence
for an "east to follow" presentation. ADD TOOL CAPTURE VIEW this tool lets you
snap pictures and make
a box around the text
of your choice DELETE ALL this tool lets you delete
all of the conectors you
use with the "add tool" INSERT COLOURS & FONTS this tool lets you choose
what outline and font
you would like you
presentation to have you
9 different selections to
INFORMATION. by double clicking
anywhere it opens a text
box that alows you to type. anything that you draw
or make u can click on it
make it bigger, move it,
and make it do a 360
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