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emily alharazi

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of GO GREEN SWC


Environmental Art Showcase
What is our project?
Before/During/After Showcase
The Goal
Our Green Legacy
- Posters around school were taken down, but we went on the announcements which helped spread awareness.

- Mr. Kitchen wanted to use the front glass showcase for SWC Walks, so we debated compromise even though we had showcase first (we ended up keeping it).

- Setting up the showcase was a lot of physical labour, but it was a huge success and very beautiful.
Our overall goal wasn't to earn any money for a certain campaign, but to simply make our own visual campaign to help people see that recyclable products and garbage can be reused to create amazing things. We want reducing, reusing and recycling to be taken more seriously within SWC and our community.
While setting up our showcase and taking it down, many of the younger grades helped us move the art to and from Ms. Fraser's class. Our legacy is noticing how many people saw the showcase and realizing we (even just a little bit) made a difference in our school community. Many people stopped to see what it was about and so we believe we really got be interested in reusing. We hope to see more and more people recycling responsibly and reusing products that can be used.
Our project was an environmental art showcase, in order to spread awareness about recycling and reusing products, along with awareness for the planet in general. We used art pieces from Ms. Fraiser's art class, but we also included some work from the other art classes. Most of the art that we used in the showcase were made from recycled materials, but we also put in some drawings (etc) that were about the planet as well.
For our PSA, we used posters, social media posts (Twitter and Facebook), and the SWCTV announcements. This allowed us to reach as many students as possible.
Before: We planned a lot with the art teachers before we set up the art show. We needed to figure out what was going to be in it, how we were going to lay things out, etc.
During: We followed the teachers advice on using the ladders to hang things off of, and we set everything up in a visually captivating way.
After: Emily took down all of the art with the help of other students, and the art was returned to the art classes.
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