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animal farm

No description

Huewin Campbell

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of animal farm

Fable Eric arthur blair is the auther of Animal Farm. Many people think George Orwell
wrote this novel indeed they are write George Orwell is Eric's pin name. George Orwell Chapter 1 this chapter tells about what the animals have been going through. It starts out my major the oldest pig calling a meeting to tell the animals about his dream about a new order that they can follow. Being abuse and given little amount of food to prolong the animals. Now they have taken it for the last time now they are ploting the farmers demise Major The prize boar that had a dream of a new utopia and tells the animals of how to reach that goal. Snowball one of the pigs in charge of the farm he
is the one who help write the new laws. one of the pigs who decides to follow Major's wise words and becomes one of the animals leaders Mollie A small horse that loves to be pamper like pretty bows and sugar cubes by man. After the rebellion she began to slack off with her work. She then betrayed the other animals by having a man rub her nose and feed her sugar. Characters Animal Farm Napoleon another one of the leader pigs that helps trick the animals in providing milk and apples. He hardly does physical work but he makes shore that the animals do their work. Chapter 2 After Old Major died the animals began to put his teachings to work. As they were plotting the down fall of Mr. Jones. Being the smartest of the animals the pigs in forced the rules Moses The farmer's pet Raven is exstremely loval to his master so he etempted to trick the animals to stop the rebellion Clover A horse that is a very hard worker and is good at it. She picks up on the small things and she might be the the one who uncovers the pigs true iontentions. This is the start of the animals new lifes being independent. As they work there efferts are rewarded. In this no animal was allowed to use any tools that were requiered to stand on to legs. The pigs did no physical work because they had more knowledge than the other animals.In this chapter the pigs trained the dogs to follow them instead of humans. Chapter 3 Chapter 4 By this point nearly every one had heard of what had happened on Jones's farm. Every morning the pigs send the pigeons out to spread the word and teach them the song Beast Of England.The first people to approach Mr. Jones about his problem were Mr. Frederick and Mt.Pilkington Chapter 5 Mr. Jones The farmer who owned animal farm.a drunk and a all around mean guy he was kicked out of his own home by a pack of farm animal. After this he tried to get back control of his farm bout this ended up killing one of his men as he ran off. Winter is fast a proching and Mollie is sharting to neglect her work and begins to take gifts from a human and Clover is starting to pick up on this behavior. After this situation mollie ran away. As the winter came to play the ground was to frozen to plant anything. this is when the animals voted on wether or not to build the windmill. Chapter 6 Now that they can't have meetings on Sunday they are forced to work longer and be punished if they decline that offer.because of these turms the animals worked harder just so they didn't have to face the consiquences. Chapter 7 One of th things the pigs told the animals to keep them working hard was that if they didn't finish that the humans would laugh at them.As this went on the animals began to run out of food. Just to keep the humans suspicions of they filled their bins up with sand and covered it with their remaining food. Not being able to feed every one the pigs decided to make the hens give up all of thir eggs so the could buy more grain. the hens rejected this plan and began to destroy there own eggs to keep Nepolean from selling them. Chapter 8 The windmill has been finish at last in autumn.For a time being the animals for got about the worries,and were joyful for there acoplishment by finishing the mill. And the animals have found a new enimy other than Snowball, its Pilkington. In two days time Nepolean called for a meeting to congradulate the animal on there good work and anoinced that they will be selling there wood to Fredrick. The animals were uneasy for this idea, but of course Squeler reasard them that this is all apart of Nepoleans great plan. after finding out the letter was forged Nepolean put the death sentence on Fredrick. later on a war broke free and caused the animals to lose there windmill. Chapter 9 This chapter is when the pigs begin to act more and morre like men. As the windmill is getting ready to be finish poor old Boxer got hurt by falling because of this he was not able to work the same way he did before. This cause a problem for the pigs. As the time progresses the pigs began to grow in number the hens began to slowly decrease. the animals still don't want to except the fact that Boxer is dead. Chapter 10 This is the end of the book.Now it is extremly bad the pigs are acting more like humans. Benjamin beleives that there is one unaltered law hunger, hardship, disappointment. Benjamin read to clover that all animals are equal other than the pigs. As the time pass the pigs got into a arguement with the humans and the animals were confused, became they couldn't tell apart the pigs from the humans. Question Why did Orwell choose farm animals to tell this story. Who represents the Main king in this novel Who does Nepolean represent How many new pigs are there
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