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Data Quality Dashboard - The Research

Research into the cost of Data Quality issues and the Leverage a DQD can provide to improve business

Jennifer Orji

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Data Quality Dashboard - The Research

The Research Data Quality Dashboard Project Summary Development Process The Data Quality Dashboard(DQD) is a data quality monitoring tool to regularly monitor data quality set out by the customer to check data quality before data moves in or around the Enterprise Data Warehouse and in Reports FRom Research - Data Quality Losses London-based market research firm BDRC, about 60% of the respondents reported that responsibility for maintaining data quality was scattered across multiple departments or held by individual business units, making it hard to be fully confident about the accuracy of data reporting across the enterprise. The UK Market... Research shown by industry experts that product data quality really needs fixing and vendors are still not creating sufficiently efficient tools to deal with the issues. Data Quality Idea Strengthened Select column then row - profile the data
Set tolerance levels for each column format /row
Set alert when data quality is below tolerance level
Display on Dashboard - for each table.

Validate against current Data Dictionary
Validate against current Master Data Management
US - $600 billion 140 companies lost avg. £8.2m
annually 30 companies lost 20 million
annually 6 companies lost $100 million annually Estimated loss $1 billion
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