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Korean War

Destiny Keebaugh Pd. 10

Destiny Keebaugh

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Korean War

Korean War On June, 25 1950 the young cold war
turned into a hot and bloody war. "Forgotten War" Korean War= Forgotten War
Didn't capture nations attention like WW II General Douglas MacArthur
Was known for his part in the Korean War
Son of famous soldier Arthur MacArthur II North Korea's actions represented
the kind of aggression that would have
led the UN to a collective response.
General MacArthur Chinese Connection to the Korea War
The Chinese Infantry intervened between November 3, 1950 and January 24, 1951.
One branch of Chinese Infantry was mistaken for South Koreans and were allowed to cross a bridge into South Korea. Chinese Attack!
Chinese attacked from the north,
northwest, and west against U.S and
South Korean troops. To commemorate the
lost soldiers in the Korean War,
I would dedicate a day to this event.
I would invite people from all around
to join me June 25 of every year to
remember the war that was claimed to
be forgotten. Korean War Memorial
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