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Glass Fused Snowflakes

The how to

Jeanna Gerot

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Glass Fused Snowflakes

Fused Glass Snowflakes
Materials used
96 coefficient glass in one color
glass cutter
running pliers
sharpie marker
tacky glue
tooth pick
wax paper
fiber paper
graph paper
cone 013-014.
step one: cut the glass into a 1"
and a 2" strips the length of the glass.
step two: trace lines from graph paper (1/4 " onto glass)
cut lines using glass cutters.
step three: place the running pliers on the line to be broken, line up the pliers mark with the line to be cut and squeeze pliers.
step four: cut all pieces needed to complete the snowflake pattern set them aside.
step five: place wax paper on top of pattern, lay out pieces according to the pattern with the dotted pieces being placed down first. Then the other pieces receive a dot of glue and are overlapping the base pieces.
Step six: after pieces are assembled and dry the snowflake is placed in the kiln on a piece of fiber paper cut to size. The cone is placed in the sitter, cone 013- 014- 015 depending on the type of fuse you would like to create.
step seven: fire for a period of approximately two hours, let cool completely before opening the kiln.
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