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Erin Brown's No Where To Call Home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Erin Brown's No Where To Call Home

Nowhere to Call Home
A Complete Summary by Erin Brown
Frances Gets her New Identity
As a hobo, Frances can no longer be Frances Elizabeth Barrow, so she gets boy clothes, cuts her hair and uses a new name, Frankie.
Frances Leaves the Train to Run Away
With the thought of Junius riding the rails, Frances gets off at the next stop of the train to sell her ticket.
Frances' Dad Commits Suicide
When Frances Elizabeth Burrow's dad finds out he had became bankrupt, he decides that it is too hard to live without his money. So he commits suicide, leaving Frances a penniless orphan.
Frances is Told She Has to Leave Her Home
With her dad dead, Frances is told she has to move in with her Aunt in Chicago. The bank takes most of her stuff and the house to pay off her father's debt. Junius mentions that he is going to ride the rails.
Frances leaves for Chicago
With the money given to her by the bank, Frances gets on the train to Chicago.
Frances on the
After getting on the frieght train, Frances meets "Stewpot", a fellow hobo. He is 15 and has been on the rail for 3 years. He gives her the nickname "Frankie Blue" because of her hermonica playing.
Frances Goes to the Jungle
Frances and Stewpot stay at a hobo jungle. When they get there, Frances realizes she is not the only girl hobo.
Frances Works for the First Time.
To get some food, Stewpot and Frances work digging potatoes. They return back with tomatoes and fall asleep.
Frances' bag is stolen
Upon waking up Fraces realizes that her bag is missing. When she does find it, her items of value are gone and so are some of the bums.
They leave the Jungle
The Hobo's from the jungle go their separate ways. Frances and Stewpot are going Westward. Before leaving, Frances buys a knife with Stewpot.
They're back on the rails
Frances jumps onto a moving train going to St.Louis. On the way the pair talks about their individual plans. Stewpot wants to start a family and to own a farm. Frances doesn't have a plan and gets homesick
The Truth is Revealed
After feeling like she was lying to Stewpot, Frances decides to tell him she is a girl and the rest of her story. To her surprise, Stewpot guessed as much. He in turn tells her his real name, James Haskell.
The Mission
After a close run in with the police, Frances decides that Stewpot needs help. They head to The Mission. They get separated and during that time Frances realized how spoiled she was. She mentions to Stewpot about going to see her Aunt in Chicago.
Frances goes Shopping
Before leaving the mission, Frances goes to buy the pair some food. In the store's mirror she doesn't recognize herself anymore. She also gets some medicine for Stewpot.
On the way to the Rockies
On the way to the Rocky Mountains, Stewpot tells Frances he can't read. To pay him back,Frances decides to teach him to read. Stewpot is getting sicker and starts to have violent shaking fits. Frances gives Stewpot a lot of the medicine.
The Rocky Mountains
At last, Frances and Stewpot make it to the Rocky Mountains. They were mesmerized by the beautiful, snow covered mountains. Afterwards, They head to Seattle to find a Hooverville.
The Hooverville
As they were entering Seattle to get to the Hooverville, Stewpot started coughing in a way that made each cough cause his whole body to shake. They faced hostility from the people of the town. When they get to the Hooverville it was nothing like Frances thought, it was just people finding shelter in whatever way they could.
Meeting Jack
In the Hooverville Frances meets Jack, another hobo that had dreams of becoming a doctor. When he sees Stewpot he says he has Pneumonia.
Goodbye Stewpot
Pneumonia takes Stewpot's life. Frances and Jack buried Stewpot with his pocket knife. Frances relizes how awful life is on the rails
Frances heads back to Chicago.
After Stewpot's death, Frances uses the rest of her money to buy a train ticket back to Chicago. When she reaches her Aunt's house she sees a white cat carved into the fence, a hobo sign saying they are welcome here.
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