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Project on Japan for Geography


Evzy (Ewelina)

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of Project on Japan for Geography

Japan Cultural Geishas Taught from a young age of about 5 Maiko Artisans/Artists Main chunk Meaning About Called Dance child Meaning How they get to be a geisha Young girls bonded to geisha houses. (Okiya) Traditional dances
Kabuki acting
Tea Ceremony. Daughter of the okiya
(takes up a new geisha name) Until they pay back the okiya
what it put into the maiko's training How they earn the money Entertaining at Tea Houses
Taking part in Kabuki plays
Mizuage Physical (Mountains volcanoes and the climate) Mount Fuji Highest point in Japan (Fuji-san) One of the 3 Holy Mountains Sanreizan Mount Fuji
Mount Tate
Mount Haku Three Holy mountains
(the words get merged) Apparently 'people awe at its beauty' it is actually quite pretty with that bit of snow on top... Just west of Tokyo,
so you can 'awe' at it while shopping. Environmental Whaling ;( Now restricted to research purposes by the
Institute of Cetacean Research =] They research stuff on whales you dont say >_< Main chunk In Japanese In Japanese 3 Holy Mountains Are: you know what this is going to say... Whoey?
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