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The Official Prezi Transitions Tutorial

No description

Official Prezi Content

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of The Official Prezi Transitions Tutorial

that you have to zoom in and out to see
logical structures of different sizes
result in smooth transitions
mean fast transitions
and the audience can see the relative importance of your content
Choose from four different types...
First, you’ll need to set up your path.
Place your content on the canvas
Frame your content
Position your frames
Insert from the top-menu, or just drag and drop straight onto your canvas.
Connect your frames
into a path
Set your order.
Choose your frame type and drag it over your content.
Click ‘Edit Path’ and then click on your frames in the order you want them to appear.
and make your message clear.
Whenever you move your frames, the transitions will adjust accordingly.
where and how
you position your content on the canvas determines the transitions, so...
objects placed further apart
mean fast abrupt transitions
objects placed close together
mean smooth transitions
to move a canvas just select it
drag and drop it in the new position
big rotations of
90 degrees or more
can result in some pretty sharp spinning
small rotations of 45 degrees or less
result in smooth transitions
To move a frame just select it
To rotate a frame, hover over a corner...
Adjust the transitions
according to three factors

Using different layouts and transitions effectively can help you communicate the key ideas of your presentation.
This is Zane!
We know this because there is a short distance between Zane’s path points.
He is walking at a steady pace
He starts running!
Unfortunately, he has to jump over this huge puddle.
We know he is a great jumper because we put a greater distance between the path points.
What a giant leap!
Let’s see how different transitions can help you communicate your ideas.
So... placing objects at different distances can be used to convey different types of movement.
Now Zane is about to walk up a hill
But then he has to walk down the hill
These small rotations can convey a change of direction.
You can use scale to hide objects until it is relevant to reveal them.
You can even see his girl at the window.
We can see how happy he is just by zooming on his face.
Zane has finally reached home!
Click to go
full screen
Click to advance to the
next step
Click to
The Official Prezi Transitions Tutorial
and turn it to your preferred angle.
To scale a frame, grab the corner
pull it as much as you like.
drag and drop it in the new position.
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