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Is Arbonne for You?

Why Arbonne is the Leader in Botanically Based Health and Wellness Products.

Kelly Bidstrup

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Is Arbonne for You?

Is Arbonne for You? Why Arbonne is the
Leader in Botanically
Based Health and
Wellness Products What About You? What is Arbonne? Arbonne is The Leader in 6 Areas of Health & Wellness Who's Behind Arbonne? People Buy Results What Makes Arbonne Superior? 4 Ways to Win! Do you want to look and feel better?
Do you value health and wellness?
Do you have a plan for financial security?
Do you enjoy helping others?
Do you or does anyone you know shop online?
Do you use skincare, shampoo, protein shakes, vitamins, or cosmetics? Founded in Switzerland in 1980 by Norwegian Petter Morck.
Formulated in Switzerland, but manufactured in the United States.
Based on the principles of Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Skin Care - Anti-aging, Men, Women, Acne, Baby, & Sun Protection.
Personal Care - Hair, Body, Hormone Balance, & Aroma Therapy.
Cosmetics - Beauty with Benefits, full line for eyes, lips, cheeks, & face.
Nutrition - Gender specific for adults, teens, and children, also health & remedy.
Detox - Stimulate, strengthen, & support, Cleanse, purify & withdraw toxins.
Weight Management - Protein Shakes, Fiber Booster, Energy Drinks, & Weight Loss Chews. Based on Herbal, Botanical Principles
No Animal Testing, Products, or By-products.
Proprietary Formulations
Dermatologist Tested - Not just Referred.
No Mineral Oil
pH Correct
No Chemical Fragrances or Artificial Dyes. Dr. Peter Matravers - Formerly an Aveda innovator, credited with growing the business from $50-$700 Million in company sales. He holds over 20 US & International Patents for his formulations. The Products Deliver. We have a 45 day money back guarantee with a 2% return rate. Find out why Arbonne is so bold for yourself.

The Business Delivers. By joining a rock star team, you become a vital tool in you and your team's success. We are going to the top. If you want better for you and your family, and are willing to grow, learn, and work for it, we want you on board. Client - FREE! Get great product, access to online shopping & special deals from Arbonne and your personal consultant.
Preferred Client - $20! Get great product at 20% off for the next year ($15 to renew), access to online shopping, free product with $150 purchase, and even more special offers from Arbonne and your personal consultant. Pierre Bottiglieri - Swiss Scientist and former president of the prestigious Swiss Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Works in his home land to direct AIRD, the Arbonne Institute for Research and Development. Bringing Arbonne the latest innovations in skin care science and technology. Arbonne's Business Model According to USA Today 96% of Americans ages 25-44 say they are interested in owning their own business.
We can share Arbonne and create networks of consumers, with no boundaries, no territories, & no back stock.
We build our consumer networks, with a team approach, to support and train.
The Home office handles all behind the scenes logistics, leaving us free to spread the word and build our networks.
With Network Marketing or Direct Sales, we cut out every middle man, from manufacturer to consumer, no one in the way. CONSULTANT! - $79! You can build an Arbonne business, join our team, sprint to the top with rock stars. You can make an extra income. Get 35% off all the time with ability to get better discounts. Free product with $150+ start order. Health and Wellness Consultant! - $79! You can slowly build a Health and Wellness empire, sponsoring one Health and Wellness Consultant a month. Focusing on Arbonne's vitamins and minerals, protein shakes, and other Arbonne Essentials products. You recieve 35% off all Arbonne product lines & free product with $150 purchase. Show me the MONEY! By choosing to be a consultant, this is your income potential. Show me the MONEY! By choosing to be a Health and Wellness Consultant this is your income potential. Time to Complete:

7 Months

9 Months

11 Months

13 Months All figures based on a perfectly executed duplication system of 1 consultant teaching 1 consultant to switch their health and wellness products to Arbonne, then that consultant doing the same. 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 and so on. This is based on a broad focus, including parties, one on ones, samples, not taking full advantage of the Arbonne Special Delivery system, that the Health and Wellness consultant relies on. The Arbonne Oppourtunity Video What Arbonne was, is, and will be & the Real People who make it possible.
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