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Sunday bloody sunday

No description

Jakob Cresnar

on 25 February 2018

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Transcript of Sunday bloody sunday

Bring about peace
Power of literature
Literature has the capability of changing the world
Individuals can use their literature and celebrity status to voice their opinion.
The band U2
Created a song called Sunday, Bloody, Sunday
The band U2 where effected by the Troubles in Ireland
They used their power of literature to actively protest and bring about peace.
To voice their opinion on the Irish troubles
This song became very popular and helped draw attention to the issues.
As the band's popularity grew, they used it to campaign against the Irish Republican Army's (IRA) efforts by raising money to cease conflict.
Bono, the lead singer of the band U2
He has used his fame from the song to advocate for all kinds of injustice
Bono hasn't only used the song Sunday, Bloody Sunday to influence the world.
Literature has created his fame allowing him to influence the world
Bono is now a involved with philanthropy
It clear that the power literature plays a huge role in changing the world
Literature has not only brought about peace to the irish trouble, it has resolved many conflicts.
Bono has influenced the world through literature is many different ways
1. http://www.allu2songslyrics.com/2017/02/u2-troubles-of-ireland-song-meanings.html
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