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Technology: Finding the good and bad

presentation on my essay of technology

chelsea volinsky

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology: Finding the good and bad

Finding the good and bad in technology Summary Photographs Obstacles Thesis Quotes Internet and technology has helped society improve over time but may be destroying communication skills, learning capabilities and social interactions for individuals. In my essay, I wanted to point out the negative aspects of being able to have the world at our fingertips with internet and phones. I feel technology is corrupting how our society lives in the era now and how it will be in a years to come. Techonology has advanced into some wonderful things but communication is starting to dwindle down to lazy ways to cut to the chase of talking with someone. Grammar and writing skills are being dominated by new technology causing distractions and creating short cuts. Sherry Turkle, "Can You Hear Me Now?"
"Thanks to technology, people have never been more connected-or more alienated."
Arizona Fourth grade teacher
"Many school children can hardly write cursive anymore and often resort to using printed block letters instead."
Michael Malone Article
"The internet is just so tantalizing," said Nick Gregoc, fourteen, "I actually think McDonald's is healthier than my computer." Finding a way to explain why i felt technology was bad without using opinion that insinuated myself.
Citations-using my own words and being careful to cite everything i used even if it was a common idea
Ways I overcame the difficulties used my own opinion in words that insinuated fact
used helpful quotes i agreed with or found interesting
Next Time I will not use blogs or non-reliable sources. It was hard to write the essay at times due to my sources being ideas of other people and not completely correct. Although it might help me argument, it did not supply the best information Achievements What I Learned 9 Pages with not much repetition
Didnt use I or you
Finding very interesting statistics How many millions of people use the internet on average
How driving while using your phone is very dangerous
How students are really affected and addicted to technology and how professors feel unimportant

Suggestions Find reliable sources from all types, not just internet
Dont procrastinate
have a solid idea of one aspect when discussing a large topic such as technology
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