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continents of the world

No description

isabella castro

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of continents of the world

continents of the world
In America:
- speak Spanish, English, French and Portugues.
- Goes from the north hemisphere to the south.
- There is a lot of biodiversity.
In most of America they practice catholism
- America passes trough the equator, so South America has more like a tropical climate and North America has more like a colder climate and has seasons
In Europe:
- There are more than 50 countries.
- All Europe has seasons
- Located in the north hemisphere
- It has 3 oceans
- They speak spanish, french, english,
german, italian and russian.
- Near Asia.
In Asia:
- Biggest continent
- Over populated
- One of the strongest countries (China)
- A lot of contamination
- Located mostly in the northern hemisphere
- All Asia has seasons
In Africa:
- located on both north and south hemisphere
- very hot climate
- passes the equatror
- lots of rare language
- a lot of biodiversity

In Oceania:
- unique animals
- hot and dry
- composed by australia and islands
- located in the south hemisphere
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