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Calgary, Alberta

No description

Katie Schlingman

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta VS Windsor, Ontario Since we're talking about the two different provinces with their two different cities that are SO far away you wouldn't believe something strange. Calgary and Windsor have pretty much the exact same type of landforms! Windsor's predominant landform is the St.Lawrence Lowlands Calgary's predominant landform is the interior plains Now here's the weird thing, Calgary and Windsor are FAR away from eachother, but they have the exact landform type. Both Windsor and Calgary have the plains and lowlands! The two highlighted spots with arrows pointing is where Windsor and Calgary are Calgary Windsor So one of the biggest comparisons is the landforms! Both have the plains and lowlands. Both places are said to have the exact same amount of thunderstorms... how I hate thunderstorms... Calgary and Windsor both get about 20 thunderstorms, but Windsor has the chance of getting tornadoes, as Calgary does not. With all this talk of rain, how much precipitation do both places get? Windsor gets 600-1000 mm of annual precipitation Calgary gets 400-600 mm of annual precipitation Windsor gets cold heavy winters and humid hot summers Calgary gets cold winters and warm summers No wonder Windsor gets so much more precipitation! Climate ranges for Windsor around January through July have a average high of 20 degrees Calgary has the exact same average temperature as Windsor of 20 degrees! In the winter, Windsors average temperature is right at 0 Calgary's winters have an average of -10 degrees Windsor Climate Graph in a Year Inchs of precipitation Farenheit of low and high temperatures Climate and landforms all revolve around vegetation. The climate helps give the vegetation water and sunlight to grow, as the type of landform can let certain kinds of vegetation grow. Lets talk about the trees that grow in the area! Windsor has trees such as: Beech, sugar maple, black walnut, hickory, red oak Calgary has trees such as: Trembling aspin, willow and bur oak. Now, onto Windsor rivers. Windsor has one river, and that's the Detroit river. Its source is Lake Huron and its mouth is Lake Erie. Now, Calgary has TWO rivers. The Elbow river, and the Bow river. The Elbow rivers mouth is the Bow river. Eventually the two rivers connect, but the Bow river leads off from the Elbow river. The Elbow rivers source is Bragg Creek The Bow rivers mouth is the Glenmore Reservoir! The Bow rivers source is the Elbow river, sicne that's where the Bow river starts, because the Elbow river branches off, creating the Bow river. Now, we now the Windsor climate, lanform region and some vegetation, what's the agriculture like? Windsor grows lots of yummy stuff like tomatoes, wheat, soy beans and corn. I like corn. We grow much more fruits and veggies then that, but what's Windsor/Essex county's main agriculture? Yay, soy beans sound good, and they are healthy and make lots of stuff like soy milk. :D Calgary has a main product, and it's potatoes! Farmers grow lots of other, of course, fruits, veggies, etc. Now with all the information we've gotten, found some similarities and differences, we can justify. What city is one of the top producers? If we take all our information together, Windsor/Essex county is a top producer of agriculture! Windsor is at it's best because it has just the right temperaure. Our winters are chilly, but not freezing cold at average. Calgary has an average of -10 degrees, thats cold! Windsors is only 0. Windsor also has nice summers, of an average of 20 degrees, which is a good growing temperature. Not too warm, but warm enough. Also, Windsor gets plenty of percipitation for the plants, and plants need water! Both cities could honestly grow about the same thing because of the types of landforms, since they both have the plains and lowlands. Windsor, all in all, has beautiful climate, a perfect nice landform and a wonderful environment with rivers and trees! And.. Come on, doesn't everyone like soy beans? SOY BEANS! Most of my project I decided to use some google information, wikipedia and the school atlas. Windsor has the Atlantic drainage basin, and Calgary has the Hudson Bay drainage basin!
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