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Mobile Phones- Tori Pryce

No description

Howard Battersby

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Phones- Tori Pryce

In 2004 Mobile phones, were advancing, many people had one/ wanted the latest one, simply because there were new features, you could text, and by this time the added bluetooth.
2011 Mobile Phone
In 2011 The first iPhone was made, on this many Apps, & Features were created, in the App Store many Games, Photography, Medical, and Social Networking Apps Were downloaded by the average iPhone user.
Mobile Phones! :D

By Tori Pryce

Conclusion 2013
In 2001, Phones looked very different, as you can see they do not look like the ones You & I see today. Many of them can in big and small sizes. It was rare if you found a slim one. In 2001 having this phone was in style. Nowadays it's just embarrassing! As Teenagers, and Children would prefer something like this!
(which can do a lot more!)
2002 Mobile Phone
2004 Mobile Phone
(can you see improvements?)
2008 Mobile Phone
In 2008 The Mobile Phone, it was advancing, and by this time games could be played on the mobile phone.

In 2013 Mobile Phones, are much slimer. They are Slick & Slim, and easily slip into your pocket. The aslo can do alot more now.
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