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Symposium Prezi

APS PR Campaign

Fran Matera

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Symposium Prezi

Who are we?
Why the
PIO Symposium?
What is...
APS PIO Symposium
Goal 1
Thank you!
Presented by: Kinect PR

Public Information Officer
What past attendees said...
Maximum Occupancy 151
Survey Background + Results
APS +Cronkite
APS + ASU Students
1.1 million customers
182/958 respondents
Have you attended an APS PIO Symposium?
If no, why? (Select all that apply.)
How did you hear about the PIO Symposium?
Please indicate three things you like about the PIO Symposium.
Please identify three ways the PIO Symposium might improve.
Goal 2
Welcome to
our site!
Primarily in central and northern AZ
11/15 AZ counties
1.1 million customers
Exclusive to AZ
Regulated under
Arizona Corporation Commission
39,200 jobs
$3.4 billion
Please indicate the overall effectiveness of the keynote speakers.
Please assess the effectiveness of APS staff and their ability to help you throughout the event.
Please identify how the PIO Symposium helped you on the job. (Select all that apply.)
In your opinion, is there a clearly defined "PIO Community" in Arizona?
Please select the range that reflects your age.
Please indicate your gender.
Throughout your career, how long have you served as a PIO?
In what city do you work?
Michael Maslansky
Maslanksy + Partners
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