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Night market

No description

Kenny Wang

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Night market

Snacks Iris How is it looks like. Li Chang Po Thin Noodles
Stinky tofu
Dried tofu
Soya-mixed meat
Vegetarian gelatin Taiwan’s folk culture that has enjoyed a long history.
Every evening, the sun goes down, the lights go on, and more than 300 night markets throughout Taiwan—north, south, east and west—open for business. “No Cars” signs are pulled out, and streets that are heavily trafficked during the day transform into open-air markets. Stretches of thoroughfare just a few hundred meters long attract tens of thousands of visitors, growing so crowded that it becomes hard to move at all. History about Taiwanese Snacks Rice-meat dumplings
halogen meat food
Rice tube pudding
Braised pork rice
Neo Row-Mien
pork pot stickers These are places to eat, drink and be merry, and formal attire is definitely not required. Amid the hubbub of traffic, conversations and calls of stall owners hawking their goods, visitors relaxing in tee-shirts, shorts and flip-flops enjoy a sense of release from the daily grind. And even better, they needn’t spend a lot of money to fill their gullets with all manner of seafood dishes, snacks and drinks here. Thank you
for watching
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