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Ant Man Hero's Journey

No description

rwa akz

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Ant Man Hero's Journey

Pym shows Ant Man detailed diagrams of Cross's laboratory and headquarters; which is where he keeps the Yellowjacket. Hank plans the execution of his plan with Lang and Hope, and he informs Scott that the objective of this plan is to retrieve or destroy the Yellowjacket before Cross uses it for his evil plan. Scott is informed of where he needs to strike, and how he can escape from the lab. He then gathers the ants and prepares for his battle with Cross.
Ant Man has to overcome many difficult trials during his intense training, where the goal set for him is to learn how to communicate with ants. Scott has to learn how to combat the Yellowjacket, and is being taught Martial Arts by Hope. Also, he is sent to different ant hills to learn how to cooperate with many different types of ants. At first, it is difficult, but once Lang got the hang of it, he mastered Martial Arts, and was commanding many different types of ants. He was also taught how to use the suit to his advantage during battles.
This is shown when Scott uses the Ant Man suit to escape from jail. After his escape, he meets up with Hank Pym at the latter's house, in order to begin his training. Scott is being trained to communicate with ants, and to learn how to use his Ant Man suit to his advantage during battles. He is instructed that the main purpose of his role as Ant Man was to destroy Darren Cross's evil Yellowjacket suit, which is similar to the Ant Man suit. Pym and his daughter, Hope Pym, helped Scott train for the battle against Cross.
Call to Adventure
Status Quo
In Marvel's latest blockbuster, Ant Man, we can highlight many aspects of a hero's journey. To begin, a status quo was displayed at the beginning of the movie, when Scott Lang is released from prison. He was sent to prison for a failed robbery in which he was arrested by the police. Then, Scott is fired from his job at Baskin Robbins due to his criminal record, and he is rejected by his ex-girlfriend.
Ant Man Hero's Journey
By: Waleed Karam
This step of Ant Man's hero's journey is displayed when Scott Lang is confronted by the owner, and creator of the Ant Man suit, Hank Pym. While in jail, Pym pretends to be Lang's lawyer, and pulls him out of his cell for a discussion. Pym explains to Scott that he selected him to become the new Ant Man, before offering him the role. Scott refuses at first, but then accepts as he knew it would give him the chance to earn money, and regain the ability to visit his daughter, Cassie.
Period: A/B
We begin the movie with Scott being escorted out of prison by the police.
In Ant Man, we witness a call to adventure, when Scott's friends persuade him to rob a rich man's house while he's out of town. During the robbery, Scott stumbles upon the Ant Man suit, but he doesn't find anything else that's valuable. So, he takes the suit and leaves the house, only to unexpectedly discover that the suit has shrinking abilities. Therefore a terrified Scott takes the suit back to the man's house, and gets arrested while making his escape.
Scott steals the Ant Man suit from the man's house
Pym confronts Scott while the latter is at jail.
Hank Pym is helping Scott train for his battle.
This video shows how Scott learns how to cooperate with the ants.
Ant Man sets off for the final battle with the ants by his side.
When the plan is being carried out, Cross captures Ant Man, and prevents him from stealing the Yellowjacket. Ant Man must now think of a way to defeat Cross himself, instead of stealing his Yellowjacket. As Cross is fleeing the laboratory, Scott escapes, and chases Cross in a bid to defeat him, and retrieve the Yellowjacket, but a brawl erupts between Ant Man and Yellowjacket in an urban area of the city. The brawl then spills into Cassie's bedroom.
A confrontation between Ant Man and Yellowjacket, before the fight.
As Yellowjacket enters Cassie's bedroom, Ant Man steps in to rescue his beloved daughter from Cross's evil clutches. The two brawl, and Scott draws Yellowjacket's attention to himself in order to allow Cassie to escape safely and unharmed. After the brawl, Scott is assured the right to visit Cassie whenever he wants, therefore accomplishing his personal mission. All Scott ever wanted was to be free to visit Cassie whenever he wanted, and to be viewed as a hero in her eyes, both of which would happen, if he survived the fight.
A heroic Ant Man shares a warm hug with his daughter.
During the battle, Ant Man knew, that he could only save his loved ones, if he made the ultimate sacrifice. Scott was on the verge of death when he was transported to another dimension, but he did it for the safety and well being of all his loved ones. But while he was in the other dimension, he somehow managed to rescue himself from dying, when he was zapped back to the real world. Cross was killed during the brawl, and therefore, Ant Man emerged from the brawl victorious. He had defeated Cross, and he rescued his loved ones, but he had to risk his life in the process, which proves how much it takes to be a hero.
Ant Man in another dimension.
This is demonstrated after the battle, when Scott becomes welcomed at his ex-girlfriend's house, and he is allowed to visit Cassie whenever he wants. Ant Man is now considered a hero, and his criminal days are now behind him, therefore he changed in a good way. Scott also starts getting along with his ex's husband, and is praised by him for saving his family. Also, Scott was given the privilege to date Hope Pym, therefore his heroic acts benefited him and improved both his life, and his reputation.
Ant Man is given the right to visit his family at any time.
This is shown when the effects of Ant Man's heroics are applied on his daily life. His life improved vastly in many ways since he defeated Cross. First, he gained a great reputation, and it put his criminal days in the past, because he was now considered a hero. Next, he gained a great new job as Ant Man, which was a great improvement from his old job; working at Baskin Robbins. Most importantly, he was allowed to visit his beloved daughter whenever he wanted. Therefore, this shows how he returned with many great treasures.
Scott Lang was given the permanent role of being Ant Man, after he accomplished his mission
New Life
This was displayed in the movie, when Ant Man changed into a better person. By saving the world from the evil Darren Cross, Scott Lang went from zero to hero. He improved as a person when he risked his life to save his loved ones, because he learned that saving other people is more important than saving himself. Throughout is hero's journey, he improved as a person, and his entire personality improved. That concludes Scott Lang's (Ant Man's) hero's journey, and how he transformed from a struggling villain into a brave hero.
Ant Man was hailed as a hero following his heroic acts.
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