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Jared Lauterberg Nowhere to Call home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Jared Lauterberg Nowhere to Call home

Nowhere to call home
Jared Lauterberg
Chapter 1
In chapter 1, it tells about Frances and how her dad was rich, and how Frances' life was easy and how her father only wanted the best for her
Chapter two & three

In chapter two Frances' dad kills himself after the stock market crashed and his business went bankrupt, causing Frances' dad to lose all of his money
Chapters four & five
In chapter four and five, Frances leaves her house to get on the train, but the train only goes a few blocks before making another stop and frances changed her mind, got off the passenger train and got a refund for her ticket.
Chapter Six & Seven
In Chapters Six and Seven , after Frances got her "boy" clothes she went to the rail yard where she was seen by a guard but let her be when she said she was lost, after that she went into and old shack and changed out of all her normal 'girl clothes and changed in to her new "boys' clothes and fell asleep
I chapters 8-10 Frances cuts her hair after changing and before she went to sleep. then when she woke up she got on a freight train and almost got caught by a guard then as they started moving she realized that there was someone else in the boxcar, and thats when she met her first hobo, a 15 yearold boy named "Stewpot"
Chapters 8-10
Chapters 11-13
Frankie spent her second night as a hobo and her first in a jungle. Franlie was loving it but the one thing that made her think twice was when red stole all of her valuables.

In these chapters Stewpot and Frankie start in cincinnati where frankie jumps on a moving train where they found a car full of oranges and thay ride to St.Louis where franie jumped off of a moving train for the first time
Chapters 14-16
Chapters 17-20
Frankie and Stewpot jump off of the train in St.Louis and Frankie, Stewpot and 13 other hoboes got arrested and were thrown in jail. The next morning the police ordered all of the hoboes to jump the first train out of town. Later when Frankie and Stewpot were on the train Frankie told Stewpot that she is a girl, but to her surprise Stewpot said he knew all along which made frankie mad. They also stayed in a flop house which was worse than jail.
Chapters 20-22
After leaving the flop house frankie offers take stewpot to his aunts house to get over his cold and so thay could live there but stewpot refused and they hopped a train through the rocky mountains
Chapters 23-26
After leaving the Rocky Mountains Stewpot was getting very sick and while they were in Seattle so they went to a hoover ville there was no help there except for one guy who went to a littlebit of medical school, Stewpot wasn't getting any better so frankie went to the doctor and the hospital.
The End.
After hearing that she had to bring Stewpot to the hospital, Frankie took a taxi back to the Hoover Ville to get Stewpot. When she got back she told the driver to wait, then she and Bonesaw picked stewpot up and carried stewpot about half way to the taxi when he started to turn and he was choking and said help me! So they put him down and Frankie put her head on his chest and suddenly what was loud from the struggle to cough and breath, was silent, she sat with him for a long time before she accepted it. Stewpot was dead, so she buried him, got a coach train ticket to chicago, changed into her old clothes and went to her aunts house lifted the door knocker and "let it hit"
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