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Technologies of the future

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Technologies of the future

Technologies of the future
Concept the coloured wallpaper on electronic ink
This will help the environment because we wont have to cut down trees to get more paper because you don’t like the colour. You can also change the colour of the wall to suit your mood or what's happening around you.
In addition, electronic wallpaper can be used for promotional purposes. Through the use of e-paper, wallpaper will consume a minimum amount of energy needed only to redraw the image. Currently submitted the working snippet electronic wallpaper, but the company E-Ink says that with the help of this technology, you can create full showcase, windows or walls.

Lenovo YOGA 3
Lenovo has developed a new version of their laptops. This one can go into different positions so you don’t have to worry about having to go in a awkward position to go on your tablet. 11-inch Yoga 3 are designed for users who need a functional, but compact. But, 14-inch models received pretty good performance and buyers in top-end configuration will get Intel Core i7 processor of the fifth generation, one of the latest series of graphics cards GeForce.

Concept Cicret Bracelet
This is called a smart bracelet, one of the most unusual and interesting accessory Cicret. This device is an external screen for a smartphone or tablet. It is uses as a touch screen … the skin on the man’s wrist. This will help because you wont drop your phone from out of your pocket, but there would be a very slim chance of it falling off your wrist.

Concept tablet with built in projector
This will be easy to work with if you do work on your tablet and you can project it if you need to present it to people so this will be easier. The projector is placed on the side of the tablet so you can lay it down on a flat surface. This has a built in memory of 16 gigabytes as well so you can save your work on here.

Over all, I think technologies of the future will be very useful to use in many different ways whether they are helping us at work, at home, or on the run, they will be useful to us and might help us if we are struggling with work. i think this will benefit us in many ways.

By Hollie Border
The first touch display
This is called touch display.
This will be very helpful in shops and towns and businesses with the 4K resolution and a rather large diagonal- 98”. In addition, the display is equipped with a sensor that can recognise up to 32 simultaneous touches. This display is made to be able to work with several people, introducing information from the computer touch and gestures through the sensor screen.
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