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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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Kate Williams

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In what ways does your media
product use, develop or
challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Newspaper Influence Advertising is a key part in the success of a newspaper. The advert on the front page is usually bold and eye catching. It takes up 1/4 of the front page. The logo often establishes the area in which the newspaper circulates. For instance, The News logo is of the Victory which has significance to Portsmouth. As Web 2.0 has developed, so has social media. Contacting has become a lot easier as social networks have grown. Newspapers now use this form of Web 2.0 to talk to the public and to receive response. Facebook and Twitter are both in the top 10 of most popular websites. Newspaper include offers which are available upon purchase of the newspaper. This allows the newspaper to also guarantee sales due to people purchasing the newspaper daily in order to collect all discount tokens. The font style and size of the font is consistent within newspapers. The use of capital letters for the headline allows the story to stand out. The image is the majority of the page in order for the audience to see the image and begin an understanding into the story without reading any further. Columns are a main form of writing a newspaper. They are continually used and are part of the layout/template for a newspaper The index is a way in which information from all pages can be shown. It is a way in which the audience can gatekeep information in the newspaper, and therefore is a convention of real media. My own newspaper To fit in with my demographic, I contacted a local DJ. Including this advert allows me to reach my target audience. It also follows the conventions of a local paper due to advertising being a main source of income. I included the Spinnaker Tower as my logo as my newspaper is aimed at students. Gunwharf Quays has a variety of nightclubs, as well the Spinnaker stating the location of Portsmouth. I have continued to develop the idea of Web 2.0 becoming a form of contacting the newspaper. This web page allows the audience to talk about the latest news. My offers are demographic based. For those into the nightlife, entry to clubs is half price. As students, many will be embarking on a group holiday, so there's also an opportunity for this. My headline is in front of the image and is in block white in order to stand out against the image. This layout is similar to that of The News, and follows the forms and conventions. The image has a main focus, which is on the banner. This is in keeping with the rule of thirds. The main part of the image is directly under the headline, therefore giving a sense of the story. Columns for the newspaper article follow the forms and conventions of a regular newspaper. This is due to newspapers always presenting their stories in columns. The first 1 or 2 words are also in capitals, and therefore following the form. I have included an index following the form of a newspaper. However, this newspaper is a lot smaller and has a specific demographic group so would not contain content like that of a tabloid newspaper.
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