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No description

Leslie Gonzalez

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Hazing

Hazing Sabrina Nieves
Leslie Gonzalez
Cathy Lopez
Kaylee Neill Applying Hazing to Social Psych Acceptance Group Think Compliance Definition Where it occurs Examples of Hazing About Hazing The practice of rituals and other activities involving harassment, abuse, or humiliation used as a form of initiating a person into a group. - Participating in drinking contests/games
- Being deprived of sleep
- Carrying an unnecessary object
- Being yelled, cursed, or sworn at
- Having food thrown at you
- Associating with specific people
- Being Kidnapped
- Acting as a servant - school groups
-university programs
- sports teams
- military
- other social/professional organizations People will do whatever the rest of the group wants them to do, even though they know that it's wrong. (i.e. jumping off of a bridge) People will do anything to become part of a group, and will do anything to stay in the group. Even if it means that they cannot have their own opinion. For example: Pledging to be in a Sorority or Fraternity Changing one's behavior as a result of other people directing or asking for the change.
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