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joe springer

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of oceans

A Leopard Seal off the cost of california A person is surrounded by a school of Barracuda. The Ocean is AMAZING place lets take care of it BY: Joey Springer Manta Ray swiming trough the school of fish Statue of Christ of the Abyss, Florida Beluga Whales, Canada Gray Reef shark off the coast! Saltwater Crocodile is going for the camera Manatee and Fish
Jellyfish Swarm, Palau Tomato Clownfish The Enviorment:
This enviorment here in the
ocean is very harsh. It's like
you eat or your going to be
eaten. Everything has something
to eat and they most of the time
will. Everything has a preitor.
Some species are canibles. This
means they eat their own kind.
Take the Killer whale. If it gets
hungry enough it will eat a full
grown whale. These fish and mamles
have had to help them-
selfs in many ways to
servive. The Saltwater
Crocodile for example
has come up from is close
relitive the Nile Crocodile,
and the Freshwater Crocodile.
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