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Dante Boin and Kenzo Cogswell - Pd.6

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lib hist

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Dante Boin and Kenzo Cogswell - Pd.6

I think that Baker should be recognized with the characteristic of "valor" because he advanced way ahead of his squad with a bazooka and took down a Japanese turret shooting at his squad.
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Thomas A. Baker
- Thomas Baker was born in Troy, New York, 1916.
- He was awarded the Medal of Honor a year after his death in 1945.
- He fought in The Battle of Saipan during WWII
- He Served in the army for 4 Years (1940-1944)
- He was awarded the Medal of Honor for advancing past his troops with a Bazooka and taking out an enemy machine-gun turret. He then took out 2 Japanese groups of soldiers on his own, at the cost of him getting heavily wounded. His troops needed to be evacuated, but Baker refused to be evacuated. He was left with a soldier's pistol and it's 8 bullets remaining. He was later found dead with an empty pistol and 8 dead Japanese around him.
Anthony P. Damato
- He was born in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, 1922.
- He served 2 years in WWII (1942-1944)
- Franklin D. Roosevelt awarded him with the medal of honor in 1944.
- His Rank in the military was a Corporal, before and after death.
- He earned his Medal of Honor for his actions
in the Marshall Islands. He was tasked to guard a perimeter his company was assigned to protect. At roughly 2:00 A.M his station was ambushed by the enemy Japanese surrounding the area and was injured lightly in the heat of battle. He retreated into a foxhole with 3 fellow soldiers, but after several minutes, an enemy soldier threw a grenade inside. Damato instantly used his own body to
shield the explosion, killing him instantly, but saving the lives of his comrades.
Dante Boin and Kenzo Cogswell - Pd.6
Medal Of Honor Recipents
- Both fought in WWII

- Both died in the war

- Both fought the Japanese

- Both born in the U.S.A

- Both died in 1944
I think that Damato
should be associated
with having "sacrifice" because he threw his own body onto an enemy grenade, killing himself, but saving the lives of several of his comrades.
Script Link:
- Baker was in the U.S. Army.

- Damato gave his life to save his troops by throwing himself on a grenade.

- Baker wanted to be left behind to die instead of being evacuated.

- Damato was in the Marine corps.

- Baker served for 4 years, while Damato served only 2.
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