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Four goals of Progressivism

Progressive thought the government should play a larger role in regulating economic activity.

zaira aguilar

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of Four goals of Progressivism

Four Goals of Progressivism Protecting social welfare * Many of the reformers form the social welfare helped make the horrible conditions of industrialization better.
* They opened libraries, built swimming pools, fed poor people, cared for children etc.
* Florence Kelly improved the lives of children and women, she also helped win the prohibition of child labor and limited women's working hours Promoting moral improvement * Some reformers want immigrants and poor city dwellers to move up by improving their personal behavior.
* They prohibited alcoholic beverages.
* Some of the prohibitions caused trouble, rising tension between the Anti- saloon and the immigrants; for example many immigrants customs included the in take of alcohol. Creating economic reform ~ Some of the working americans embraced socialism
~ Eugene V. Debs commented on the uneven balance of the government and ordinary people under the free-market system of capitalism.
~ Big businesses often received the special treatment from the government.
~ Muckrakers were journalists who wrote about the corruption side of business and public life.
Fostering efficiency * Progressive leaders put all their faith in experts and scientific principles to make the society and workplace better
*"Taylorism" became a management style, where industry reformers used scientific management to see how fast work can be done
* Not all workers could work at the same rate as others, assembly line did speed up production but it also caused injuries from exhausted workers.
* Henry Ford reduced a working day to 8 hours and paid the workers 5 dollars a day to keep the workers happy.
5 question quiz! 1) name two thing social welfare reforms did.
2) What was the thing that was prohibited that caused problems with the immigrants.
3) Give one thing that Eugene commented on?
4)Where did progressive leaders put their faith on?
5) Henry Ford reduced the workers workday to how many hours?
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