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OHE Kindergarten Information Night 2014_Draft

No description

Paul Helberg

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of OHE Kindergarten Information Night 2014_Draft

Welcome to Oak Hills Elementary
Meet the Cherry View
Kindergarten Team
Maura Andrews
Tisha Dixon
Have a beginning understanding of syllables in words
Differentiate between letters, words and sentences
Identify main idea of a story
Retell main events of a story in sequence
Identify Main characters and setting
Make predictions and inferences
Appreciate genres in reading
Literacy Continued
Students need to attend either all day or half-day (2.5 hours) 5 days/week - similar to what we have offered in the past. Half-day students would not receive lunch at school.
Parents/Guardians would be responsible for transportation at mid-day.

Parents provide transportation
Morning option only (if approved by Lisa)
KLP is designed to outline a trajectory of instruction provided by parents to support first grade readiness
Personalizing the Schedule
Health Office Information
A little Bit About CVE
Welcome from CVE PTO
Social Expectations
All Day Kindergarten
The Kindergarten Experience Video
Literacy Curriculum

Name upper and lower case letters
Hear initial consonant sounds
Identify rhyming words
Identify introduced sight words
Identify word families
Demonstrate appropriate techniques for learning vocabulary
Use finger or pointer to track text
Recognize concepts of print
The Student can...
Math Continued
Identify coins and comprehend their value
Identify and reproduce patterns
Understand basic addition and subtraction problems
Recognize time by the hour
Understand measurement
Understand graphing
Problem solving through story problems
Counting by 5 and 10 frames
Calendar activities
Work Habits and Social Development Continued
Shows self control
Uses appropriate voice level
Claims appropriate share of attention
Takes part in group discussion
Has appropriate attention span
Completes assignments on time
Works Independently
Kindergarten Information Night

Visit Cherry View Elementary's Website
Work Habits and
Social Development Expectations
Works and plays cooperatively with others
Enters into play with others
Courteous and considerate of others
Cares for and picks up materials
Listens while others talk
Follows directions
Cooperates with staff
Math Curriculum

Name the geometric shapes
Recognize numerals 0-120
Rote count to 100
Skip count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s
Classify objects by color, shape, and size
Compare sets of manipulatives by identifying more, less, and the same
Label spatial relationships
Identify and counts sets of numbers 0-20
The student can...
Kindergarten All Day Schedule - Example
Morning / First Half
Check In/Jobs
Morning Meeting - Greeting, message team building, music, movement, social skills and read aloud
Six Pillars of Literacy (Oral Language Development, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension)/Writing Block (90 minutes/day) Shared reading, guided reading, read to self, read to someone, literacy centers, word work, journaling, handwriting, guided writing, modeled writing, interactive writing - whole group and small group instruction
Music and Movement
Literacy songs
RtI/Interventions/MTSS - Multi-Tiered System of Supports - Differentiated personalized instruction
Brain Break
Social Skill /Guidance Lessons
Choice Time
Cherry View Elementary
National Blue Ribbon School (2004)
High Level of Parental Involvement
Active Parent Teacher Organization
History of Success
Academic Achievement
Math Masters
Chess Club
Safety Patrol
Student Council
Integrated Technology
Academic Achievement
Afternoon / Second Half
Math (60 minutes/day) Mathematical reasoning, math journaling, number sense, computation and operations, patterns / algebraic thinking, data analysis, geometry, spatial sense and measurement. Some concepts may be delivered during calendar math or through math songs.
Whole group / partner instruction
RtI/Interventions/MTSS - Multi-Tiered System of Supports - Differentiated personalized instruction
Brain Break
Snack/Choice Time
Social Studies/Science/Health/Art
Music/Phy.Ed/Technology--by a specialist
Read Aloud
Afternoon meeting
Summary of day
Reflecting on Learning Targets
Schmitty and Sons
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