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BR upper Unit 15 preview

No description

Go English Live

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of BR upper Unit 15 preview

BR Upper Unit 15
Learning Objectives
This list is very important it states our goals for this unit.
You will learn to talk about staff appraisals
Discussing and evaluating performance
Making people feel relaxed
Talk about hypothetical past events using mixed conditionals
Point out alternative courses of action using could have and should have
Measuring Initiatives
​3.​ ​Materiality​ ​(revenue​ ​potential)
Using the 3M's is a great tool.
1. Momentum​ ​(winning​ ​potential)​
2.​ ​Margin​ ​(profit​ ​potential)​ ​
Empathy, compassion, relationship builder,
highly collaborative, team player, deals with issues in a positive way
Staff that builds rapport is always thinking of others, or will they run people over to get a project completed to get ahead?
Teddy Roosevelt was right: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Is the possible leader empathetic and able to put themselves in other people’s shoes?
Does this seem like a high performer.
Characteristics to look for:
Learning the right verbs are key to talk about performance
an appraisal
objectives on a scale
constructive feedback
Do you know what a 360 appraisal is?
an employee's subordinates,
peers (colleagues)
as well as a self-evaluation by the employee him or herself.
Feedback process will include feedback from
Let's ask about performance
What do you consider were your successes and failures?
Are there any areas you feel you have to improve on?
It's time to practice with in your own words.
By setting goals you can measure performance. Here is a great list of goals that you should have in your life . Please share them with us.
A. Work goals
B.spiritual goals
C. Physical goals
D. Financial goals
E. Career goals
F. Intellectual goals
G.Family goals
H.Social goals
If you are missing one you are driving around with a flat tire.
As you know the next level of English is to be able to use new words and expressions.
You have to be ARTICULATE
Giving feedback on performance
I must say we are very happy with your results.
You demonstrated great teamwork skills.
You should have worked made the deadline.
You've managed to turn the company around.
Grammar moment
If you'd started a french course, then you'd be quite proficient at it.
Past perfect+3rd conditional
It's time to practice with in your own words.
If Max hadn't left, I probably would have done the course.
Past perfect+3rd conditional
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