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Current Events: March 21st

No description

olivia tumino

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Current Events: March 21st

Current Events: March 21st
Olivia Tumino
President Trump's Approval Rating
School Bans Kids From Playing Tag
California's Gold Ridge Elementary School has banned various recess games such as tag and touch football.
Some students agree with the ban because children were "playing too rough" while others felt it was unfair.
Many parents feel the ban is unnecessary.
The school has stated that punishment for engaging in these activities are:
Warning and walk with yard supervisors
Referral to the principal's office and removal from the yard for a day
A "parent teacher conference"
FBI Investigates
Russia and Trump Links
On Monday, FBI Director, James Comey, publicly announced that the FBI is investigating any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. (Since July)
The FBI will investigate any links between members of the Trump administration and members of the Russian government that may have affected the 2016 election.
Comey stated that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had a clear preference of whom he wanted to see as the next president.
Comey then went on to discuss Trump's recent claims that the Obama administration wiretapped the Trump administration during the election.
Come said the FBI has "no information" to support these claims
Sesame Street adds A New Character
In recent years, a new character has been featured in the sesame street books, but in April she will join the TV series.
The new character is Julia and she has autism.
One of the shows writes, Christine Ferraro, hopes that Julia will be able to educate youth on autism.
Ferraro hopes that eventually, Julia will be seen as just another normal character
Julia will join the rest of the cast beginning in April and the first episode will deal with inclusion of those who struggle with autism.

Just two months after the inauguration, Trump's approval rating has hit a new low.
The Gallup poll found that 58% of Americans disapprove of Trump's work as president and only 37% approve
These numbers are based on a response from 1,500 adults with an error margin of 3 points
This is the third time Trump's approval rating has been below 40%
The other two times are February 16th and March 13th.
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