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7 habits

No description

ashley lozinski

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of 7 habits

The 7 habits for healthy kids
habit #1 be proactive : When you can't figure
out what to do and your having a bad day
you smile laugh it off find something to do and turn
your bad day into a good day. habit #4 Think win win : when there is a problem
and you want your way but they want they're way you find a great solution that makes it easy for both to get they're way. habit #3 put first things first: you should always do
the MOST important thing first for example
if you had to call your grandma or study for a test and brush your hair you would study first because passing a test is more important than talking on
the phone and fixing your hair. habit #2
begin with the end in mind : have a plan for example if your going to go shopping you should have a list and list what store you need to go to and what you should buy there habit #5
seek first to understand then to be understood: listen with your eyes and heart not just your ears you should understand what the person your talking to is saying you should be listening and caring . habit #6
synergize : This big word means work together
if your playing soccer and your team is loosing don't give up keep trying and you can win as long as you work as a team because working together gets you father in life. habit #7
sharpen the saw : you should balence your life and stay healthy you can't just read all the time it's important to read but you need other things to do you need activity for your mind , heart , sould and body so take care of your self and balance your life ! my favourite habit i would have to say is synergize.
I am one of those people who believe if you work together and believe in you and your team you can win anything !
And if you were playing soccer and you were versing another team if you try your best you can win ! And that is why synergize is my favourite habit
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