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Mean Girls Psychoanalysis

No description

Joy Woo

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Mean Girls Psychoanalysis

set of psychological and psychotherapeutic theories and associated techniques
originally popularized by Sigmund Freud
What is Psychoanalysis?
2004 American teen comedy film
describes how female high school social cliques operate and the damaging effects they can have on girls
film received generally positive reviews from critics and was a box office success
Mean Girls
main character in Mean Girls
initiated into the Plastics, then takes down Regina George
develops the last stage of her plastic transformation - no longer innocent vs evil
becomes an obsessive plastic over controlling plastic
becomes the highest known plastic in the school
worst replica of Regina George
Cady Heron
the most popular girls in North Shore High School
main antagonists
leader - Regina George
Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith
Cady Heron is initiated into the Plastics, working under a scheme with Janis Ian
The Plastics
Mean Girls Psychoanalysis
By Joy Woo and Aphia Oommen
main villain of the movie
controlling, deceiving, delusional
referred to as "queen bee"
born and raised by rich parents
her sense of control, manipulation and superiority grew as a result of the way her mother raised her
learned how to control everyone by her attitude, powerfulness and lust for control power
sex appeal and insecurity of others
Regina George
Psychoanalysis of Regina George
leaders of their own respective groups (the Plastics and Rome)
power - leads to their downfall
motif: jealously
Pompey and Caesar's jealously over a fling with Cleopatra and Regina and Cady's jealousy over the senior Aaron Samuels
Cassius' jealously of Caesar's power leads to Caesar's demise
psychoanalysis is used in literature as a way to see into the mind of the author, character, or reader.
often times the text may repress its real content or meaning behind obvious content or detail.
language and symbolism of the text must be analyzed in order to figure out the underlying meaning and thoughts.
What is psychoanalytical literary criticism?
Relationship with Cady Heron
The Plastics Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis of Cady Heron
Regina's lab rat
Regina only invited Cady to the table because she didn't know her but she thought she was "really pretty"
develops the urge to make Cady one of the Plastics, so she could be under her control
powerful group
three girls that rule the school and define what's popular or not
similar to the senators in Julius Caesar
Regina is the leader of the Plastics, just like Caesar
both powerful and power hungry, but in a way that leads to their downfall
Cassius employs Brutus to help in killing Caesar and sways him to believe that Caesar is using his power wrong
Cady is jealous of Regina's popularity and sways Gretchen to her side
Gretchen begins to see that Regina uses her power to control others
She also makes a speech about Julius Caesar in her class, pretending to be Brutus
Types of Psychoanalytical Criticism
The movie is about Cady Heron, a girl raised in Africa by her zoologist parents. She had grown up understanding the idea of survival of the fittest in the animal world her whole life. Little did she know that all the rules would change when she finally entered a public high school. Being home schooled and from a totally different country Cady learns quickly that she is not in Africa anymore. The 16 year old encounters psychological warfare and unwritten social rules that many teenage girls face today

Desires and unconscious conflicts give rise to areas in the mind that wrestle for dominance as we grow from infancy, to childhood, to adulthood.
To keep all of this conflict buried in our unconscious, we develop defenses

All stories and symbols are based on mythic models from mankind’s past
Created the idea of archetypes

The unconscious is structured like a language.
narrative structures reflect unconscious or psychological phenomena

ideologies are forms of thought which are reflected in material relations
characteristics of a dominating ideology become an embedded norm of culture

Works Cited
About the Movie
Regina is the leader of the plastics and the dictator of the school
even the vice principal feels “victimized” by her

While the entire school is terrified of Regina, they also idolize her

Regina did not maintain her power by being everyone’s best friend
she frightened everyone so much that the only response they had was to worship the ground she walked on.

Cady's Transformation
Meet the Plastics Video
Brutus Video
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