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Turkish Drama

No description

alaa sobhy

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Turkish Drama

Turkish Drama
The role of media
The turkish drama and its effect .
In the world of today,
media has become as
necessary as food and
• The purpose of the
media is to inform
people about current
new affairs and to tell
about the latest gossip
and fashion .
• Society is influenced
by media in so many
MBC, which started
broadcasting Turkish
dramas in 2008, has
telecasted nearly 20 series.
What people think
about turkish drama ??
People love the Turkish
series because they are so
romantic and because of
the attractive stories .
of turkish drama
1-Turkish culture and television
series are claimed to be corrupting
to the morals of Arabs .
•If the media identifies its
responsibility then it can
serve as a great force in
building the nation.
On the other hand
1-Many people
see that turkish series are so long

2-Watching too many Turkish
series is bound to get boring .

3-People mostly watch hem to
kill time.
rates, and
4- It is a truth that these
dramas are causing serious
damages to the local
drama industry of
Egypt .
Advantages of turkish drama
1- Turkish drama carry strong
cultural identities and Turkish
drama has helped promote cultural
2- It makes
eager to
see the
and ancient places.
4- The turkish drama made the
whole family stay toghether to
watch the episodes of the series .
3-The Turkish government
also uses actors and actresses
from television series to promote
its exports to the Middle East.

What happened to creativity in the Arab world?
Thank you
1- Aya Mohamed
2-Gehad Hamdi
3-Esraa Awad
4-Touka Ismail
5-Esraa Mostafa
6-Alaa Sobhe
7-Omnia Bashir
3-Turkish drama are such
a waste of time.
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