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Great Pennsylvania

No description

M2K Kids

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Great Pennsylvania

Great Pennsylvania
-Pennsylvania became a state on December 12, 1787 and was the 2nd state.
-Declaration of Independance was signed here in 1776.
-Some tribes that lived were here are Iroquois, Erie, and Shawnee.
-Civil War was fought in Gettysburg, PA.
-Gettysburg Address given by Abe Lincoln

Location & Geography
-The location of Pennsylvania is 40.276° N, 76.884° W.
-Some geography is Lake Erie, Delaware River, Allegheny Plateau, and the Appalachian Mountains.
Major Cities
Philadelphia-Where Liberty Bell is.
Pittsburgh-Where a lot of steel companies are here.
Allentown-Where Liberty Bell was hidden from British.
Erie-Has sparkling water so it's called Gem City.
Bodies of Water
Lake Erie-9,940 square miles
Delaware River-301 square miles
Allegheny River-325 square miles
Natural Resources
Some natural resources in Pennsylvania are coal, steel, milk, and mushrooms.
Agricultural Products
Agricultural products in Pennsylvania are beef cattle (cows), chickens, and turkeys.
Manufacturing Products
Manufacturing products in Pennsylvania are cotton cloth, computers, outdoor furniture, flashlights, and Huggies.
The climate is diverse do to geographic features.

Pennsylvania has 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Places of Interest
Places of interest are: Hershey Park, Liberty Bell, Waldameer, Lincoln Financial Field, and Heinz Field.
The population is 12,773,801.
Important People
LeSean McCoy, Kobe Bryant, and Will Smith
State Symbols
Flower: Mountain Laural
Bird: Ruffed Grouse
Tree: Hemlock
Motto: Virtue, Liberty, Independence
State Seal
State Flag
Book: Pennsylvania
Websites: Enchantedlearning.com
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