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What's inside a iphone

No description

Katie Styles

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of What's inside a iphone

What is cost?
The monetary impact from the negative environmental effects resulting from the choices we make.
Environmental Costs
Environmental costs
Types of Costs
Social cost is the total cost to society. It includes both private costs plus any external costs.
Social Cost
What's in a Iphone?
Made by Ka-Te
Steve Job doesn't looks like a cool grandad anymore
The Truth Behind an Iphone
The Iphone case
The tip of the Icebeg we have:
What's under the iceberg that sank the titanic
Internal cost
Cost of collecting the material for the iphone
The cost for phone bills, electricity in the factory
The cost of employment
External cost
Noise and air pollution to those living nearby.
Risk of accident to those living nearby.
Loss of landscape.
Apple the 'sweet shop' brand
It's not only the workers and who's living by, it's also you
The iphone
Collecting resources
Manufacturing and producing
The stage where a product is thrown away that I don't remember the name
Workers had to work with toxic gas, in may cases, it shows that there are lots of workers had been poisoned in exchange for less than enough salary
Not that much!
Apple iPhone
Uses More Energy
Than A Refrigerator
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