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Mods and Machinima

No description

Dr Teodor Mitew

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Mods and Machinima

mods and machinima case: mtw2 machinima modding http://www.twcenter.net/ the total war center independent modding community jobs! coding
story research
texture design
testing engagement http://www.machinima.com/ case: Red vs Blue the third age vanilla patch partial conversion total conversion id Software VALVE Creative Assembly Half-Life [1998] Counter Strike [1999] mod types vanilla: mod: Quake [1996] Team Fortress [1996] mod: vanilla: engines released under GPL open source license id Tech 3 engine Quake III used in first
Call of Duty basis for
Infinity Ward [IW]
engine open source Call of Duty series Rome Total War [2004] vanilla: Europa Barbarorum [2005] mod: Modding team MODDER PERSPECTIVE creating content knowledge communities sharing skill-sets social capital customization = identification customization = identification = engagement = $ participation gift economies developer perspective are modders adding value to our game? testing ground longer shelf-life niche penetration popularity ideas mods patches forums tutorials FAQ's developer has no say self regulated bulgarian tsardom game shell simulated in a UTM Universal Turing Machine PC tension thank you questions? machine cinema recording of gameplay Quake user created
content fan fiction narrative subversion live performance collaboration combined with modding
total environment control [1990s] identification gameplay diary of a camper 1st machinima 1996 developer perspective copyright & IP issues engagement niche penetration machinimist perspective http://www.youtube.com/machinima http://www.youtube.com/MachinimaRealm machinima central red vs blue why are we here? Rooster teeth productions Red vs blue [2003-2011] red vs blue zombies with the platform/content Q: mod mod
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