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Michelle Gonzalez

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Photography

Big cities like Chicago, New York, and others wanted to meet the recreational of the city dwellers they created amusement parks. Other cities began setting aside land to build the parks. Most amusement parks were construed on the outskirts o the cities. The parks included picnic grounds for people can go and eat. The amusement parks also included a variety of rides for people can go on and enjoy themselves. Amusement parks attracted tourist to their cities for more publicity and advertise fun and food.
Amuement Parks
Expanding Public Education
In 1903 Henry Ford built the first car. The Ford was the first to use assembly line in automobile manufacturing because of it's interchangeable parts. The Model T becomes the first car that the average American can afford. This was the beginning of American's car culture. People didn't have to take the train as much anymore and they didn't have to walk to places anymore because of the affordable cars. Ford was the only car that was affordable at the time until other car manufactures created better cars with different colors to out beat each other.
Between 1865 and 1895, states passed laws requiring 12 to 16 weeks of annual education. Students from 8 thru 14 years old would attend but the curriculum was poor. The teachers were usually not qualified. However, the numbers of kindergartens expanded from 200 in 1880 to 3,000 in 1900. High schools expanded their curriculum to include science, civics, and social studies. By 1900 500,000 teenagers were enrolled in high schools.
Thursday, February 05, 2016
By: Michelle Gonzalez
Photography Explosion
Bicycling and Sports
Changes in the 20th Century
Before 1880, photography was only professional job until the early 20th century until Kodak came out with a more portable camera. Once the portable camera came out everyone started to take their own pictures where ever they wanted. After wards people bought a lot of cameras that can take up to 100 photos. Artists started to adapt to photography over the time to include in their art.
After the introduction of the "safety bike" in 1885, Americans increasingly enjoyed biking. By 1890, 312 companies made over 10,000,000 bikes. Tennis also was very popular in the late 19th century. Americans not only participated in new sports, but became avid fans of spectator sports. Baseball and boxing became profitable businesses. Mark Twain himself called basketball "the very symbol of the booming 19th century". Dr. Naismith invents basketball in 1891. He used a peach basket and soccer ball.
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