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Population Growth & the Industrial Revolution

A prezi on the population growth and it's relation with the Industrial Revolution; as well as some quick facts. This prezi was done for school purposes only. Thank you.

Shagun Batish

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Population Growth & the Industrial Revolution

Population Growth
(Industrial Revolution)

The relation the Population Growth has with the Industrial Revolution
Because of the population growth there was an increase in demand of goods.

More people were available to work.

The Industrial Revolution was the first period in history during which there was a simultaneous increase in population and in per capita income.

Thank you for watching!
Fast Facts
One of the major reasons why the Industrial Revolution occurred is because around 1740 the population began to increase steadily.
The population grew because there weren’t any major epidemics and there was a rise in the birth rate.
Amid 1750 and 1900 the number of people in Britain increases more than 3 times!
In 1701 the population of Ireland was 3 million, and in 1851 it increased to 7 million, and then to 1901 it decreased to 4.5 million.
The population of England, Scotland, and Wales was 6 million in 1701, and increased dramatically to 38 million in 1901!

By Nick, Kane, and Shagun
Most of the lower standard of population lived in poor conditions which had a high child death rate but a lower newborn death rate.
The increases of machines led to more food and lower prices which lead to the population growth.
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