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Off Shore Drilling

No description

Ernesto Flores

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of Off Shore Drilling

Offshore Drilling
Offshore Drilling
Approximately574million acres of out-shore continental shelf are off-limit to oil drilling.An estimated 18 billion barrels of oil are located under the outer continental shelf.
What should we do
Increase the amount of offshore drilling so we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil.But we can also reduce the amount of oil we use.
Find ways to conserve energy so we do not need to do more offshore drilling.
That is one way, to conserve more energy so we don't not need off shore drilling.Using different types of energy will benefit the world later on.
Do something else
Something else we can do is stop using so much money on offshore drilling and use all that money on solar or wind power energy.
Environmentalist are Concerned
Environmentalist are Concerned about the environmental impact of this offshore drilling.In 1981,congress imposed a moratorium on new drilling.
April 20, 2010
On April 20,2010, an explosion and fire occurred on a deep water oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.Initail reports suggested that 42000 gallons of oil leaked from the pipe at the ate of the oil well.
We can stop offshore drilling and have more safety because of the accident of April 20, 2010 when all the oil an explosion and fire occurred on a deep water oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.
End offshore drilling completely
By,Ernesto Flores
Increase the offshore drilling with more mandated safety precautions.
If we end offshore drilling we can invest in more alternative energy source like solar energy and wind power.
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