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Motion Pictures Prezi

No description

Quinterra Middleton

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Motion Pictures Prezi

Motion Pictures:
The Psychology of Illusory Movement Perception is everything in the field of psychology We can never take in the full value of everything we see. The brain weeds out information it deems unimportant. This is one of the setbacks of sensory input. This sensory setback effects the way we perceive our world... We also bring previous thoughts, feelings, and information into making sense of what we see. This is psychological perception. The art of optical illusions (Op Art) challenges psychological perception. Images appear to do things that we cannot easily explain. Famous Op Artists include:
M.C. Escher
Bridget Riley
Victor Vasarely More recent Op Artists, Kitaoka and Ashida, created a work that really captured my interest. The rotating snakes illusion. Brace your eyes! ? ? Explanation Concave and Convex
M.C. Escher Blaze 1
Bridget Riley Zebras
Victor Vasarely Kitaoka and Ashida have used information from their research and previous researchers to create other illusions that have similar effects. Rollers
by A. Kitaoka Waving Beans
By A. Kitaoka Other Images by Unknown Op Artists This illusory experience is not limited to humans... The illusion is successful due to 2 components:
1) The sequence of varying luminance
2) Repeated circular patterns Blaze I
Bridget Riley
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