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The Rule of Three

No description

Gurveer Singh Chahal

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of The Rule of Three

The Rule of Three
Title: The Rule of
Author: Eric Walters
Title: The Rule of Three
Time period: Present time
Characters: Adam, Herb, Adam's
mother, Todd, Lori and more
Setting: Erin Mills (in Mississauga,

Adam is doing Todd’s assignment for him. Adam was working in the lab, when the lights go off, computers screens are blank, along with laptops and phones. Later when everyone finds out that cars don’t work either, except for old cars with no computer technology. Adam quickly figures out it has to do something with the computer system.

Adam, Todd, Herb, Brett and Rachel go to Lori’s farm. There, Mr.Peterson talks about a group stealing chickens from his farm the night before. Herb decides for the Petersons to make a fence around the farmhouse, also leaving Todd and Adam behind to help out the Petersons. Herb gives Adam his pistol for the night patrol at the farm.

Herb is using a shortwave radio and learns that big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles have people put houses and buildings on fire and people are looting and taking anything they can. A lot of people are getting killed while many are trying to survive.

Herb, Adam’s neighbor, tries to be prepare for the future to stock up on supplies. When doing so, they find out people are growing desperate. That night Herb and couple of the officers in the neighborhood are patrolling the area to prevent any trouble, and help people that are have been walking from far to reach home.

Herb is thinking of taking a census of the neighborhood and finding out what people in the neighborhood do. After, the results were that the neighborhood has doctors, nurses, retired men from the military, vets, engineers and firefighters. Later Adam finds out that Herb is thinking of moving certain people from their neighborhood to the Peterson’s farm which has a lot of water, land and enough space and tools to grow food.

Adam thinks of turning the neighborhood into a fortress to keep everyone safe. His plan was to use a the fences to turn them into walls to protect the neighborhood. Also use the backyards, park and forests into farmland to grow food. Later everyone decides to use Adam’s plan and get the Petersons and their belongings to the neighborhood.

The next day, Adam’s mother is home. Adam, Herb, the Captain (Adam’s mother) and Brett are thinking of ways to protect the neighborhood. But there a looting happening at the mini-mall. Herb settled everything down and helped people get food they needed without violence.

After sometime, Herb thought of flying over some places to start new links and to make allies to help in the future. Later the neighborhood were allies with Olde Burnham. Both neighborhoods were helping each other out with supplies.

Later Olde Burnham is under attacked by the neighborhood close to the city. Olde Burnham was badly damaged. A survior was found that was one of the attackers. Herb and Adam found out that the people from the city know about their neighborhood.
The neighborhood decides on attacking the city people before they come and attack them. The mission was successful and a lot of damage was done.
The next day, the people from the city are coming to attack Adam's neighborhood. With the help of the bridge, everyone was killed (from the city) by the bridge collapsing.
Adam's neighborhood is safe, for now.

The main conflict of the Rule of Three was that everyday things that help people everyday become useless. Adam thinks it's because of the computer system.
The main conflict also leads to other big conflicts like survival of people and people looting and killing people. With this, neighborhoods are destroying other neighborhoods to become more powerful.
I would give the conflict, a 5 out of 5. I say this because the conflict of the book made the present time into the past. With everything like cars, computers and electricity not working, people living in the present time were all a sudden living like it was the past.
Also the book's conflict lead to war like scenes. People getting killed, places being looted. People using weapons and explosives. Neighborhoods landing attacks on other neighborhoods. People battling out. The main conflict in the book and pretty much in the whole series, leads to a lot of actions.

Also this would be a big issue if it happened in the current time.
The resolution of Rule of Three (Book #1) isn't really the resolution the main conflict of the book. The power and everything wasn't back to normal like it was before everything stopped working. There wasn't really a resolution in the book. But the conflict of survival was somewhat resolved for now by Adam's neighborhood defeating a powerful neighborhood close to the city.
I would give the resolution (which was the part when Adam and his neighborhood battled against the city neighborhood) 5 out 5. The resolution had a lot of action. The whole resolution was Adam and his neighborhood surviving by not get killed in a battle with the city neighborhood. The battle with the city was incredible. The attack explained well. Also Adam and everyone defending the neighborhood was interesting too. The way they used the bridge to finish off the enemies was well thought of. They blow up the be so all the enemies would be killed.
The theme of the whole book was SURVIVAL
Because the people living the current time didn't have much experience in living in a place where there is no power, technology doesn't work and people are killing others to gain power.
The whole book had Adam's neighborhood getting stronger so everyone can survive the bad times they are currently having.
The characters fit well with the conflicts happening in the book.
Adam is a smart teenager, also very helpful because he is the only one that knows how to fly the Ultralight (an advantage to the neighborhood)
Herb is the wise one who knows what to do, what not to do, whats for the best and is always prepared

I would rate The Rule of Three, 5 out of
5. The reasons why is because:
- the conflict was interesting and new
- the resolution for survival till the end of the book was
- the character's personality made the book more better
- the character's in Adam's neighborhood also had an affect
to what happened in the book

Trivia Questions
1. Where was the main setting for the Rule of Three?
2. Why is the main theme SURVIVAL?
3. Why is Adam an important person in his neighborhood' survival?
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