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salaboy salaboy

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Drools_Guvnor_Improvements_PlugTree_042010

Drools Guvnor Enhancements Drools Guvnor Improvements DRL Syntax Support
Rule Templates
Planned Features Agenda Enhancements:
Expression Builder
from Support
collect Support
accumulate Support
Pattern Ordering DRL Syntax Support DRL Syntax Support: Expression Builder Recursive exploration of variables' attributes.
Support for Generics Collections DRL Syntax support: from Pattern Complete Pattern support on left side
Expression Builder on right side DRL Syntax support: collect Pattern Collection, List and Set Patterns on left side. Added reflection for these classes.
Complete Pattern support on right side (including nested from/collect/accumulate) DRL Syntax support: accumulate Pattern Complete Pattern support on result and source Patterns. (including nested from/collect/accumulate)
Custom code and Accumulate Function Support
DRL Syntax Support: Pattern ordering Order selection when inserting new Patterns Action toolbar in each row to change Pattern order or add a new one bellow Rules Templates DRL Syntax Support Template Authoring
Data Table Creation Rules Templates: Template Authoring New asset type: Rule Template
Template Authoring is similar to Rule Authoring: both use the same UI Rules Templates: Template authoring Template variables can be added to field restrictions or to free drl.
Rules Templates: Data Table creation Sets of values can be added to create a suit of rules

Each column corresponds to a variable
Each row corresponds to a rule Rules Templates: Template authoring Generated code can be viewed and validated just like a regular rule. Planned Features Expression Builder:
-Methods call in expression builder.
-Use Expression Builder in more places
From Support:
-Increase support for accumulate functions
-Make template creation more user friendly
-Add type support for template's variables
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