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Napoleon Boneparte

5 primary sources

anna foerman

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon Boneparte

Napoleon Bonaparte This picture shows how Napoleon Lead brilliant campaigns,
using concentrated force on the battle field,
developing independent and complete army corps. Born in Corsica in 1769 Napoleon Bonaparte rose through the midst of the chaos of the French Revolution to become Emperor of the French. He is regarded by many as a military genius Art and Imperialism hand in hand, Bonaparte the care giver in a painting by Antoine-Jean Gros
French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) saying farewell to his family before being sent into exile on St. Helena. Russian forces, lead by Count von Bennigsen, were crushed by Napoleon’s army at Friedland on June 14, 1807. Three days later Russia asked for a truce. By the Treaties of Tilsit in July 1807, France made peace with Russia and forced Prussia to give up half of its territory to France, Jerome Bonaparte’s Kingdom of Westphalia, and the new Duchy of Warsaw.
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