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Comuniiiiiity Building

No description

vay van

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Comuniiiiiity Building

Comuniiiiiity Building
Why Program?
Astin's Theory of Involvement
More Involvement = More Learning
Happens on a Continuum
Quality and Quantity
Time and Energy determines learning.
The 6 I's of Communiiiiiity!
communities must receive a formal introduction
The amount of physical and psychological energy that the student devotes to the academic experience. For student growth to take place, students need to actively engage in their environment

The effectiveness of any educational policy or practice is directly related to the capacity of that policy or practice to increase student involvement.

First Floor Meetings
NU, Welcome Week, Orientation
Hall Cup
Accomplishing a task together
Taking charge of floor
Community Pride/Battle of the Halls
What do these look like with programming?
communities should provide opportunities for interaction
Shared Meals
Inter-mural Sports
Hall Council
communities must
seek involvement
Have you even been a part of a community that expected and rewarded involvement?
What this the community you lived in last year, a club or organization you were a member of, or a job you once held?
Who expected you to be involved?
How did you know you were expected to be involved?
Did the expectation increase of decrease your level of involvement in the group?

communities must have a sense of investment
Of the groups you have belonged to, can you remember an experience that you were invested in?
Are you still a member of that group?
Do you stay in contact with members of that group who have moved on? Was communication open and honest?

communities must have a share sense of identity
A mascot or a representative symbol?
Shared memories.
Do you still identify as a member of that group
Can you describe what is it that gave your group a sense of identity?

communities must allow residents to have influence
Have any of the groups you have been a part of worked to accomplish a task?
Were there any roadblocks associated with accomplished this task? If yes, how did it affect the group?
Were you a contributing member? If not, what kept you from participating? If yes, did you feel your contributions were valued?
Would the group have accomplished what it did if you were not a member?

Floor Meetings
Ice Breakers
Door to Door
Bulletin Boards/Door Decs
Welcome Week events
Sports Teams
Study Groups
Greek Life

Think of a time where you were a part of a strong community.
what a student does during the very beginning of their first semester of college can set the foundation for the next four years.

Establishing a Sense of Place
help you make a successful transition
to build a strong foundation
Think of a time where you were a part of a strong community.
Everyone's a part of the team
Alumni Events
Open House
Floor Pride
Never giving up
First Six Weeks
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