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WaterAid Cracker Ad

No description

Amrita Manchala

on 23 September 2011

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Transcript of WaterAid Cracker Ad

Charity Advert Big and.... ... small Charity:
-WaterAid- non profit organization
-Helps people living without clean water and sanitation Aim and Pitch:
-Sympathize with the unfortunate children who lack access to clean water and sanitation.
-Makes us feel their struggles and challenge to survive.
-Technique used:
Shows the difficulty in eating crackers without water.
Makes audience feel guilty of how much water consumed.
Typography, Music, Images, Visuals:
-Information displayed on crackers.
-Simple black handwritten ink.
-Allows us to absorb information more effectively.
-Makes viewer feels anxious and curious.

-No music or voiceover except crunching noise of crackers.
- Maximises intensity and makes viewer feel like they're eating them.
-Simple colours (white background- symbolized hope).

-Only one character:
-Talking directly to us (one on one)
- Effect of facts:
-Guilt and vulnerability
Demanding tone, striking a fact, creates difference between two worlds.
-Advert good way of publicizing charity.
-Effective because it has a unique concept. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxqr8AJbdsM
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