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on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Medusa

Medusa's Life
Medusa was a human with two sisters. Boys thought she was beautiful. Later, Athena turned Medusa's hair to serpents. She and her sisters were now gorgons. Medusa and her sisters hid in a cave. Later, Medusa was killed by Perseus.
Meduas's Hair
One day at Athena's temple when Poseidon came up to Medusa. Athena hated Poseidon. Medusa left Poseidon,but he would not stop following her. Athena was so angry she turned Medusa into a gorgon.
Medusa and Perseus
One day a man named Perseus came to kill Medusa. Medusa was killed and beheaded by Perseus. Athena put her head on her shield.
A Myth with Medusa
Medusa could turn stuff to stone. One day she turned a goat to stone. Later, three people came to kill her,she turned them to stone.
Medusa's Family
Medusa had two sisters,and that is all I know.
A Gorgon
Medusa's Point of Veiw
This is a video about Medusa
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